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". . . pallet inverters renowned across Australia for their excellent build quality, ease of use and attention to detail. "

Pallet Inverters for Australia

Premier Pallet Systems have been building some of the worlds finest pallet inverters for more than 30 years. For Australia our machines offer many different solutions for the distribution and industrial warehousing market. Every pallet inverter we supply comes with excellent support and backup.


The sales of Pallet Inverters and Pallet Changers have grown exponentially over the past few years. In some part this is down to the growing economy and manufacturing base in Australia but also is due to the growing range of machines available to the home market. What use to be just a few pallet inverters in the Premier range has now become a comprehansive range that covers many of the pallet turning and retreiving needs. The news is that there is no indication that this expansion is about to end anytime soon.