DD 1.25 Pallet Inverter

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The DD1.25 inverter is Premier's lightweight machine handling loads up to 1250kg. Therefore, it is more suited to lower volume use. The DD1.25 has a smaller operating area than the other inverters in Premier's range, so if space is restricted in the warehouse then this is the ideal machine to choose. It can be loaded by either forklift truck or by hand pallet truck. If the latter then a ramp is supplied as the tables open to 100mm above ground level.

Most commonly guarding is attached to the feet of the machine, but floor-fixed guards together with photobeam protection are recommended if the machine is supplied with the option of semi-automatic controls. A wide spectrum of loads types can be handled - boxes, glass, paper, bags and the DD1.25 can take pallet sizes up to 1220mm square.

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Usable jaw opening maximum 1.90m

minimum 0.90m

Load tables 1.16m wide x 1.18m deep

Can be supplied with 1.50m long loading ramp for floor level access.

Loading capacity 1250 kgs.

Power supply 3ph / 400v/ 15 amp
Motor size 2.2kW

Weight 1500 kgs
Weight of guards 175 kgs

Controls: Extended individual push button controls with semi or fully auto- sequenced systems available as an option.

Operating space: 2.70m wide x 1.78m deep x 2.30m high inc. attached guards

Depth increases to 3.00m when fitted with floor-fixed guards and multi photo-beams.

Standard shipping dimensions: 2.70m wide x 1.78m deep x 2.00m high with guards fitted.

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