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The most recent development in Premier's range is the Pallet Changer. The concept is to provide totally hands-free pallet exchange and Premier have made constant improvements to this system over the last 10 years to make it the versatile unit it is today. A great number of Pallet Changers sold to date have been to the pharmaceutical industries and although it is the most expensive machine in Premier's inverter range, it has proved to be ideal in eliminating manual handling.

    More about our Pallet Changers
      Can handle loads up to 2050mm high, 1500 kgs weight.
      Floor fixed guards with photobeams at the front.
      Handles all conventional sized pallets.
      To totally avoid manual handling, two pallet stackers can be placed to the side of the Pallet Changer.

The Pallet Changer is totally automated, plc controlled and has a series of operating functions. When the "start sequence" control is activated, grippers capture the pallet hydraulically, the top clamp table descends onto the top of the stack and the two sidewalls move inwards to contain the load. The machine then tips back until the load is on its back at which point the lower table returns to floor level with the empty pallet. This is then substituted for the new pallet and the operator can proceed to start the return sequence. This whole procedure takes less than 2 minutes in total (including the time it takes for the user to take away the old pallet and replace it with the new one).

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Pallet Changer Specifications
Standard Model
Jaw opening 2.05m MAX; 0.60m MIN
Load table with grippers to handle pallets 800,1000 or 1200mm wide
Load capacity 1500 kgs
Power supply 3ph 400v 20A
Motor size 4kw
Weight 1800 kgs
Controls Fully auto-sequenced control with manual override, touch screen operated from console at the front of the machine.
Operating space with floor fixed guards on 3 sides
3.03m wide x 4.82m deep x 2.75m high.
Guarding 2m high floor fixed guards to 3 sides with photo-electric safety beams at the front.
Standard dimensions 2.16m x 2.50m x 2.35m + separate guards

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